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  • Permissions and reprints
  • Archiving policy
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If authors choose open access, they own all rights over their published article. Authors should make a reference to ARMG Publishing on a final published version.

If you are not the author of the article, please select the way you would like to reuse the content and include in your inquiry the name of the author(s)/editor(s), title, and ISSN as well as your contact information.

Requests for permission to reuse content from ARMG Publishing articles should be submitted online.

Please fill out this form Request for Permission and return it to head_armgpublishing@ssu.edu.ua


Reprint is a re-publishing of material that has already been previously published.

ARMG Publishing offers two types of reprints:

  • Hard-copy reprints which must be ordered in quantities of at least 10-15.

  • Electronic reprints or E-prints which are encrypted, electronic copies of works in PDF format that you can easily print yourself, distribute via email, post on a website or use in e-detailing. E-prints must be ordered in quantities of at least 30.

The price depends on the quantity of reprints. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief of the corresponding journal to make an order.

Authors can share their research in a variety of different ways.

Preprints (the author’s version of the article prior to submission to the journal for peer review, which has not been edited or typeset). Authors may post their submitted version of the manuscript on their personal website, institutional repository or a subject repository such as arXiv, RePEc, Research Gate, etc.

Accepted Author Version (the version after amendatory process following the peer review process, but prior to the final published version). Authors can post the Accepted Author Version on their personal website, blogs or institutional repository, privately with students or colleagues for their personal use.

Final Version of Record (the fixed version of a journal article that has been published by ARMG Publishing). The published article can be used for own teaching needs or to supply on an individual basis to research colleagues, provided that such supply is not for commercial purposes, via commercial platforms if the author has chosen a CC-BY license, or the platform has an agreement with us.

When posting or re-using the article please provide a link to the appropriate DOI for the published version of the article on ARMG Publishing journals.

All open access articles will be immediately free for everyone to read and download on our website. They could be reused in a number of different ways as defined by the user license. If authors choose to publish open access with ARMG Publishing, the copyright remains with them.

ARMG Publishing provides authors with CC BY license. It permits use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The CC BY license permits commercial and non-commercial reuse.

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For information on advertising rates, media packs and inserts for journals published by ARMG Publishing, please contact: head_armgpublishing@ssu.edu.ua

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