Current issue

Volume 4 Issue 4, 2020

published on December 27, 2020

Andreas Karaoulanis, Alexandros–Christos Karaoulanis   

Information and Communication Technology in Organizational Operations. Ethical and Operational Implications

Pages: 6-13

Lichia Yiu, Raymond Saner, Roland Bardy   

Collective Action on Public Goods for Sustainable Development: Ethics in Action

Pages: 14-27

Muhammad Salman Chughtai, Dr. Hira Salah Ud Din Khan, Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Lenny Yusrini   

Dark Triad, Counterproductive Work Behaviors, Workplace Incivility, and the Role of Islamic Work Values: A Moderated Mediation Model

Pages: 56-67

Julia Yelnikova, Abdul Rahman Barhaq   

Transparency of Responsible Investment Environment

Pages: 68-75

Loredana Nicoleta Zainea, Sorin-George Toma, Paul Marinescu, Andreea Chițimiea   

Combating Unemployment through Social Entrepreneurship in the European Context

Pages: 85-98

Elena Stavrova   

Old and New in Business Ethics Theory

Pages: 132-139