Volume 5 Issue 4

Volume 5 Issue 4, 2021

published on December 30, 2021

Jenjira Phomkamin, Chalita Pumpuang, Pattarawan Potijak, Supaporn Sangngam, Issariya Ketprasit, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba, D.B.A.

Engagement Strategies for E-commerce Businesses in the Modern Online World

Pages: 24-34

Dr. Debesh Bhowmik

Is a New Asian Monetary Fund Emerging?

Pages: 35-45

Ravi Shankar Kumar, M. Krishnan, Praduman Kumar, Badri Narayan G., Swadesh Prakash, Dhande Kranthi Kumar

Estimation Of Demand For Fish In Delhi And NCR, India

Pages: 46-54

Prof. Dr. Aljaloudi, Jameel, Prof. Dr. Abu Zaid, Mohammad, Mr. Alfauri, Moath

Evaluation Of The Decentralization Experience In Jordan By Local Stakeholders

Pages: 55-73

Ibrahim Niftiyev, Nargiz Yagublu, Narmin Akbarli

Exploring The Innovativeness Of The South Caucasus Economies: Main Trends And Factors

Pages: 122-148

Mehdi Bouchetara, Lyna Mokhtari, Messaoud Lazreg, Messaoud Zerouti, Sabrina Iraten, Lamia Elmokretar

Marketing Practices For Dairy Products From Small-Scale Farms, Case: Region Of Tiziouzou – Algeria

Pages: 149-165