Thematic Collection

If the authors or readers of the journals “Business Ethics and Leadership”, “SocioEconomic Challenges”, “Financial Markets, Institutions and Risks”, “Marketing and Management of Innovations” and “Health Economics and Management Review” need to have the collection of articles according to any criterion (a specific topic, author or group of authors, authors from a particular country, region, university or institution, etc.) published in different issues of the jounals, then such a collection can be ordered for a specific request.

The order can be made for preparing both an electronic version of such a thematic collection (a collection of articles) and a printed one. When preparing the printed version of the collection, the number of articles is agreed additionally, taking into account the technical capabilities of the printing house.

To order a printed or electronic collection, please, send an e-mail to

The cost of preparing such a thematic collection (collections of articles) for a specific request is agreed separately.